Kaiju Wars’ demo is a stylish entry in the strategy RPG genre

The city is quiet. Limned by a black and pink skyline silhouetted against foreboding ocher, there is a sense of impending dread. An apocalypse is soon at hand, one spurred forward by the sudden emergence of a radical and terrifying kaiju. Even with the terrific military might available, there’s little…

This action platformer is a return to your childhood, in all the best ways

The indie scene these days is filled with fantastic action titles. Celeste, Shovel Knight, Cuphead, Katana Zero. This renaissance is due to the creativity of the teams, the designers who played the beloved games of yesteryear and have crafted powerful experiences in their own right gilded with all the bells…

Brandon R. Chinn

Author of the Kognition Cycle. Works featured in Moonchild Magazine, Twist in Time, Selene Quarterly. For inquiries contact brandonrchinn@gmail.com.

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